HR20 RF Panga

HR20 RF Panga

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Superior barcode scanning.

The HR20 RF Panga is Newland's entry-level cordless handheld scanner. Equipped with their third generation decoder chip, it does not compromise on performance.Capturing barcodes, both on paper or screen, becomes a breeze.

Plug-and-play cordless scanning.

Stay clear of unnecessary cables with the HR20 RF Panga. Plug the included USB-HID dongle quickly and easily into any device that you need the automatically linked scanner to communicate with. No need to go through any troublesome Bluetooth unpairing & pairing process. With 2.4GHz Radio Frequency technology , the HR20 RF Panga provides wireless connectivity for up to 5OM from the connected dongle.

Wireless communication without interference.

Each USB dongle is automatically connected to their specific scanner, removing any need for configuration and making it possible to use lots of scanners in the same area without interference challenges. Additionally, data can be temporarily stored in the scanner itself, ready to send into a database when connected.

Exceptional battery life.

The HR20 RF Panga tops the charts in cordless handheld scanner battery life. It will run a comfortable 12 hours of continuous use. The provided USB cable allows convenient charging, without a bulky cradle or wall-socket, via any USB port available.

Durable countertop solution.

The IP42 sealing protects against water and dust. The drop rating of 1.2m provides a durable scanner to sit next to a computer or POS.