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BS10R Sepia Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Scan hands-free:The BS1OR Sepia is capable of reading a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes wi..


FR27 Urchin Stationary Scanner New

FR27 Urchin Stationary Scanner

FEATURES:Superior self-service scanning from screenThe FR27 Urchin is primarily designed to be easy ..


FR4080 Koi II Stationary Scanner New

FR4080 Koi II Stationary Scanner

FEATURES:First megapixel presentation scanner:At the top of the line, the FR4080 Koi II reads 1D and..


HR11+ Aringa Handheld Scanners

Features:Value for money:The HR11+ Aringa is compact & ergonomic in design, making it comfortabl..


HR15 BT Wahoo Handheld Scanners

FEATURES:High Performance 1D Scanning.The HR15 BT Wahoo combines Newland's own UIMG decoding with ou..


HR1550-35 Wahoo Corded Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Data Acquisition:The HR1550-35 Wahoo 1D handheld barcode scanner is the corded model of HR1..


HR20 RF Panga

FEATURES:Superior barcode scanning.The HR20 RF Panga is Newland's entry-level cordless handheld scan..


HR22 Dorada Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Cost Effective:The HR22 Dorada is specifically developed to provide a cost­ effective data ..


HR42 HD Halibut Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Scan virtually any barcode.Streamline and optimize your production line with the HR42-HD Ha..


HR52 BT Bonito Acusan Technology

FEATURES:Developed for scanning at the POS.Equipped with a megapixel barcode scanner, the HR52 Bonit..


MT90 Orca II Mobile Computer New

MT90 Orca II Mobile Computer

FEATURES:Full touchscreen mobile computer:The MT90 Orca II is an Android mobile computer that packs ..


NFT10 Pilot Pro mobile Computer New

NFT10 Pilot Pro mobile Computer

FEATURES:Comprehensive data capture.The NFT10 Pilot Pro can be integrated wit h a variety of data ca..


NQuire 1000 Manta II Micro Kiosk New

NQuire 1000 Manta II Micro Kiosk

FEATURES:Fully functioning CIT system.With Octa-Core Cortex-A53 CPU up to 1.5GHz.Easy to install and..


NQuire 300 Micro Kiosk New

NQuire 300 Micro Kiosk

FEATURES:Seamless barcode scanning.An omnidirectional Newland scan engine ensures responsive scannin..


NQuire 750 Stingray Micro kiosk New

NQuire 750 Stingray Micro kiosk

FEATURES:Android OS:The NQuire 750 Stingray uses Android 7.1 OS. With this reliable operating system..