Tactile Technologies is a proud stockist and distributor for Newland-ID Auto-ID products. Newland products make everyday tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive. As the 4th largest brand in scanning technology, Newland holds over 20 International patents and 500 Intellectual Property Rights.

The Newland Mobile Computer range offers durability, 1D, and 2D scanning solutions to efficiently manage your inventory. Operating on Android 8.1 up to Android 10 OS, these different products include megapixel barcode scanning as well as supporting Bluetooth, 4G, Dual-band Wi-Fi. Within this range, you will find products that enhance processing speed, fast-roaming wireless connections, as well as the option of 3 keyboard layouts.

The Newland Tablet range supports 1D and 2D barcodes, with built-in Windows 10 Pro and an 8” capacitive touch screen. The accessories included are a hand strap, power supply, multi-plug adapter, USB OTG cable, and active stylus.

The Newland Micro Kiosks offer 3 products all including a Megapixel imager, supporting 1D and 2D barcode readings. Built on Android 7.1 OS and varying in size from 4.3” – 10”.1 capacitive touch screens. The accessories included are a VESA 75 wall-mount bracket and a multi-plug adapter.

The Newland Handheld Scanners offer 4 products in the 1D corded range. Offering Up to 300 scans per second and optional accessories include a foldable smart stand. Within the 2D corded range are scanners with either Red or Green LED aimers, as well as Megapixel imagery. The cordless range pairs easily and works like a wireless keyboard, as well as being able to pair up to 7 scanners to a single cradle. The Wahoo and Marlin range includes accessories of adjustable charging and a communication cradle for upright or wall-mounted configuration. The Piranha accessories include a hand strap, neck strap and USB cable.

The four products within the Stationary Scanner range all support either Megapixel imagery and 1D and 2D barcode readers. The Grouper with its Flush mount design is ideal for integration into kiosks, turnstiles, and vending machines.

The OEM Scan Engines products offer 1D and 2D scanning solutions, with up to 300 scans per second with operating temperatures varying between -20 to 60 degrees Celcius.

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BS10R Sepia Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Scan hands-free:The BS1OR Sepia is capable of reading a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes wi..


FR27 Urchin Stationary Scanner New

FR27 Urchin Stationary Scanner

FEATURES:Superior self-service scanning from screenThe FR27 Urchin is primarily designed to be easy ..


FR4080 Koi II Stationary Scanner New

FR4080 Koi II Stationary Scanner

FEATURES:First megapixel presentation scanner:At the top of the line, the FR4080 Koi II reads 1D and..


HR11+ Aringa Handheld Scanners

Features:Value for money:The HR11+ Aringa is compact & ergonomic in design, making it comfortabl..


HR15 BT Wahoo Handheld Scanners

FEATURES:High Performance 1D Scanning.The HR15 BT Wahoo combines Newland's own UIMG decoding with ou..


HR1550-35 Wahoo Corded Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Data Acquisition:The HR1550-35 Wahoo 1D handheld barcode scanner is the corded model of HR1..


HR20 RF Panga

FEATURES:Superior barcode scanning.The HR20 RF Panga is Newland's entry-level cordless handheld scan..


HR22 Dorada Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Cost Effective:The HR22 Dorada is specifically developed to provide a cost­ effective data ..


HR42 HD Halibut Handheld Scanner

FEATURES:Scan virtually any barcode.Streamline and optimize your production line with the HR42-HD Ha..


HR52 BT Bonito Acusan Technology

FEATURES:Developed for scanning at the POS.Equipped with a megapixel barcode scanner, the HR52 Bonit..


MT90 Orca II Mobile Computer New

MT90 Orca II Mobile Computer

FEATURES:Full touchscreen mobile computer:The MT90 Orca II is an Android mobile computer that packs ..


NFT10 Pilot Pro mobile Computer New

NFT10 Pilot Pro mobile Computer

FEATURES:Comprehensive data capture.The NFT10 Pilot Pro can be integrated wit h a variety of data ca..


NQuire 1000 Manta II Micro Kiosk New

NQuire 1000 Manta II Micro Kiosk

FEATURES:Fully functioning CIT system.With Octa-Core Cortex-A53 CPU up to 1.5GHz.Easy to install and..


NQuire 300 Micro Kiosk New

NQuire 300 Micro Kiosk

FEATURES:Seamless barcode scanning.An omnidirectional Newland scan engine ensures responsive scannin..


NQuire 750 Stingray Micro kiosk New

NQuire 750 Stingray Micro kiosk

FEATURES:Android OS:The NQuire 750 Stingray uses Android 7.1 OS. With this reliable operating system..