POSBANK is a POS and Kiosk manufacturer that provides the best quality products and services with more than 25 years of experience and technology.

For kiosks, the BIGPOS 2700 and BIGPOS 2150 take self-service tech for retail stores and fast-food outlets to the next level. These kiosk systems deliver an elegant look, offer easy installation, and efficient maintenance.

The modular POS systems available include MAZIC, BLUO, APEXA Wide, and APEXA Compact.

MAZIC is known for its aluminum die-casting and heavy-duty design, splash-proof front protection, as well as their adjustable height and viewing angles.

BLUO is a compact POS terminal designed to fit into a wide variety of stores. Its unique design is a perfect combination of form and function, delivering optimum, fast, and powerful performance, and convenience by giving easy access to I/O ports located on the upper part of the terminal.

APEXA (Wide and Compact) are ideal for staff or customer-facing applications in retail environments, offering fast installation and serviceability, are contemporary as well as being spill and dust resistant.

The All in One POS systems includes DCR and IMPREX.

DCR options are the new breed of POS terminals with an amazing all-in-one design. Offering a touchscreen, a customer display, a fast receipt printer, and a card reader all integrated into a single terminal.

IMPREX PRIME is a high-end all-in-one POS system with a fast-speed 3” thermal receipt printer integrated, offering an innovative design and robust performance.

BOXPOS offers maximum performance and extreme durability, enabling it to be used as a POS terminal or a server with an industrial-grade motherboard, and multiple I/O ports, also being compact it has a small footprint allowing for more counter space.

The POS Printers are available in A7, A8, and A11. All offering Compact Cube Design with exceptional price/performance ratio in mind, ensuring the best in its class performance and durability.

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