General Touch

General Touch

General Touch is a leading provider of touchscreen, touch monitors, and all-in-one computers. Offering great quality, innovative technology, and over 20 years of customer satisfaction, these computer touchscreens use state-of-the-art technologies and stringent production management, affording you the same quality worldwide.

The touch applications include, but are not limited to, LED-Framed, Open Frame, Rear Mount, and Closed Frame Touch Monitors. In addition, touch display modules, High Bright Touch monitors, Touchscreen Computers, Components as well as Customised Products. From 10 – 86 inches you can migrate all your projects seamlessly with General Touch’s standardised as well as customised products.

General Touch’s Touch solutions are applied to devices such as Settled POS Devices, CNC Industrial Equipment, and Operating and Monitory touchscreens. The General Touch products are suited for a large variety of industries including retail and restaurants, industrial factories, transportation providers, finance and banking, as well as the medical and healthcare suppliers to name but a few.

For the retail market, The General Touch applications offer large interactive digital display terminals, used in public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, retailer outlets, and hotels. Digital signage delivers personalised branding, information of businesses, and possible discounts to a specified group of people. These interactive digital signs can be targeted to deliver information for marketing purposes. In addition, these touch computers include POS specifically designed for the restaurant and retail industries, including self-ordering, self-checkout, and self-service kiosk terminals.

Within the medical industry, touch applications assist healthcare workers to work with ease, no need for a mouse and keyboard, and can be easily be activated with a finger, gloved hand, or stylus. These healthcare computer touch products can be applied to nursing stations, doctors' offices, patient self-checking systems, and computer-aided medicine systems, etc.

With advanced, cost-effective touch solutions, General Touch is favoured and recognized by global customers.

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