HR15 BT Wahoo Handheld Scanners

HR15 BT Wahoo Handheld Scanners

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High Performance 1D Scanning.

The HR15 BT Wahoo combines Newland's own UIMG decoding with our latest linear imager scanning technology to produce snappy scanning on 1D codes. Printed or displayed on avariety of materials the Wahoo scans at a distance and speed closer to the performance expected from that of laser scanners than from traditional CCD.

Reliable Wireless Connection.

Adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the HR15 BT Wahoo is able to maintain a strong, anti-interference connection to transmit data. Achieving communication distances of up to 50m, the Wahoo is as at home in a tight localized workspace where wires are unwanted clutter, as it is to bridging wider gaps from a host to a scanner.

Seven scanners to one base station.

The BT5.0 technology selected for the HR15 BT Wahoo allows up to 7 scanners to be paired to a single base station, allowing coordinated scanning applications to transmit data to a single host.This maximises available human resource without having to match up each scanner with a different PC, tablet or mobile computer.

Real time and batch.

The intelligence in the HR15 BT Wahoo allows the user to move seamlessly from direct BT download to a host. When out of range, it can store captured codes and download them when back in range. With its large memory capacity, enabling storage of up to 15,000 standard EAN barcodes, the Wahoo can set up to work as a pure data collector.

Stamina in the work place.

The HR15 BT Wahoo is built to be dropped from 1.5m and sealed for dust and moisture. It has a battery capacity designed to prop up its efficient power consumption to over 15 hours.

Powerful Data Editing.

The HR15 BT Wahoo is compatible with Newland's Easyset configuration software, allowing users to create the ideal configurations to match the Wahoo's incredible scanning performance with the application requirements.