BS10R Sepia Handheld Scanner

BS10R Sepia Handheld Scanner

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Scan hands-free:

The BS1OR Sepia is capable of reading a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes with outstanding performance. With a 360” turning radius, it was designed to fit comfortably on your left or right hand without getting in the way of daily tasks, like carrying boxes. Its trigger button is positioned to be easy to operate with one hand and a built- in buzzer and LED gives instant feedback on each scan.

Convenient communication:

With the click of a button, the BS1OR Sepia pairs to your preferred device via Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology. Whether your system runs on Windows, Android or iOS and whether you use a tablet, a smartphone, a computer or another Newland device, connecting the ring scanner is always easy. It provides freedom of movement up to 30 meters from the host and can be used in USB HID Keyboard and SPP connection modes.

Large storage capacity:

Not all operations require instant feedback from a connected device, or allow you to carry such a device with you. For those situations, the BS1OR Sepia is equipped with 16MB of storage, which holds the data of up to 50k barcodes until you are able to move it to your system of choice.

Full-shift battery life:

The BS1OR Sepia battery comfortably lasts a minimum of 8 hours, even when your operations require a constant Bluetooth connection and intensive scanning. In standby mode, the device will last an impressive 30 days.

Small but strong.

Built to withstand 1.5 meter drops to concrete and bumps on metal surfaces, the BS1OR Sepia is reliable, even in semi-rough operational environments.