Bluetooth FIPS Finger Print Reader

Bluetooth FIPS Finger Print Reader
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Smufs, Secure Mobile Universal Fingerprint Scanner, is a compact, self-powered, standalone fingerprint scanner, capable of running over Bluetooth and USB interfaces. It turns your peripherals into precise, sufficient and secured biometric POB, which one can use anywhere. The device can be extensively used in remote areas where access to computers/laptops and the internet is limited. SMUFS is suitable for demanding 1: N identification challenges, on the field, through biometric, server over GPRS network. SMUFS handles tasks from standalone identity to large scale AFIS requirements. SMUFS can also work with regular computers and laptops over the USB port


  • Certification: FIPS
  • OS Support: IOS/ANDROID/Windows/Linux/MAC
  • Communication: Bluetooth 2.1
  • USB: OTG
  • Battery: ~800 fingerprints per charge
  • Suitable for outdoor use