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“Great Performance in a Compact Powerhouse”

Powered by the 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the APEXA® PRIME’s compact and sleek design belies its performance capabilities. Faster and more powerful than the APEXA® GW and most of its other rivals and predecessors, this new POS terminal offer users a superior touch display, flexible installation options, multiple I/O interfaces, and a sleek and sophisticated design that was recognized by the 2016 Korean prestigious Good Design.

The APEXA® PRIME has been specifically designed and built for today’s mission-critical applications in both the hospitality and retail industries, allowing businesses of all niches to serve customers faster and more efficiently. And with the extreme power and speed offered by the APEXA® PRIME, business owners can rest assured that their businesses are future-proofed.

Award-winning, Evolved Design, and Design

The APEXA® PRIME redefines the traditional appearance of the POS terminal as we have come to know it. Its sophisticated and modern styling sets this product apart from all of its contemporaries, allowing it to blend beautifully into and even enhance today’s store environments. Furthermore, its compact design and small footprint offer users more space at the checkout area.

Superior Touch Display with PCAP Touch Technology

With projected capacitive (PCAP) touch display, the APEXA® PRIME delivers an intuitive experience very similar to smartphones or tablets. This enables staff to quickly learn how to use the POS terminal. Furthermore, an industrial-grade LED panel offers superior energy efficiency, extended product life, and bright and clear images.

More Opportunities to Engage Customers

The APEXA® PRIME features a second, customer-facing display that provides information on orders and transactions, as well as promotional events and advertisements. This creates far more sales opportunities at the checkout, as customers are directly exposed to any marketing/promotional messages a business might wish to show.

APEXA® PRIME Features Round-Up…

  • Extremely powerful and future-proof 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor.
  • Sleek and compact with a contemporary design that fits seamlessly into any modern store interior.
  • The first and the original design recognized by Korean prestigious Good Design 2016.
  • The compact design of the APEXA® PRIME means that it has a small footprint, enabling it to comfortably fit limited desk or wall space.
  • Superior touch display with PCAP touch technology and LED backlight for energy efficiency.
  • 15-inch Bezel-free, true-flat display.
  • Multiple I/O interfaces for peripherals, including six USB and five serial ports.
  • Optional powered USB for peripheral connections.
  • The APEXA® PRIME comes with an industry-standard VESA, which allows for flexible mounting options on a wall or countertop.
  • Faster installation and serviceability.