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Why Interactive Kiosks Are Great For Events

Posted by tactile-admin 08/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Tactile Technologies News,EMEA-News,


Why Interactive Kiosks Are Great For Events

From fun outdoor music festivals and galas to formal corporate conferences and exhibitions and every shade of event in between interactive touch screen kiosks offer a broad spectrum of services that can assist, engage and create an incredible experience for your attendees. With the digital content provided by these touch screen kiosks you can expand your event capabilities far beyond traditional limits and here’s how…

Event Ticketing & Payments

The first and most obvious benefit of hiring or purchasing interactive touch screen kiosks for your events is ticketing and payment. A process that traditionally requires an army of staff members and long queues (and therefore waiting times) can now be completely automated with intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen technology. By streamlining the ticketing and payment process, attendees can be processed far quicker and with lesser cost and fuss to the event organizers.

This also reduces queuing time, which can become extremely important for large events with hundreds, if not thousands of visitors, such as major sports events. A ticketing and payment kiosk system can be used on its own or to complement the traditional ticketing sales system, the latter providing event attendees with a faster track to purchasing tickets.

Visitor Management System

Interactive touch screen kiosks can serve as a convenient and sophisticated way to control visitor entry to large conferences and corporate events, which also prevents time-consuming queuing. For example, as a conference attendee arrives at the venue, they can make use of one of the touch screen kiosks to register their arrival and perhaps even receive a receipt or sticker of sorts that enables them to pass through security. This enables more guests to be processed faster and more efficiently, without compromising security.

Navigation & Directions

Touch screen kiosks are able to work 24/7, providing event attendees, visitors and guests with uncompromised access to digital wayfinding information and interactive 3D maps. This enables them to locate where it is they need/want to be (which conference room, lecture hall, exhibit room, etc.) and how to best get there. Other information can also be displayed, such as meeting itineraries, presentation schedules and specific points of interest at, for example, an exhibition or art gallery.

Internet & Information

Outfitting an event with Internet touch screen kiosks offers a spectrum of major benefits. It can increase the exposure of the event and contribute tremendously towards its marketing by encouraging guests to share their photos and written feedback on social media. Music festivals are the perfect venue for such Internet kiosks and offer organizers a highly effective way to promote brand awareness and encourage attendance at future events. Secondly, these touch screen kiosks provide event visitors with unlimited access to the information they want and need, such as even itineraries, directions, maps, festival programs and more.

A Final Note

Introducing touch screen kiosks to your event – whether it’s a conference, gala, ceremony, festival, sports event or exhibition – provides a wide range of benefits that not only help events run more efficiently, but also ensure that guests enjoy a far more seamless experience… one they’ll be happy to talk about and share with friends, family and colleagues on social media, which is great for brand awareness and marketing.