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Are Your In-Store Digital Offerings Successfully Increasing Revenue?

Posted by tactile-admin 08/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Tactile Technologies News,EMEA-News,


In-Store Digital Offering

Introducing interactive touch screen solutions to a retail environment has great potential to engage and educate customers, enhance brand communication, improve the quality of customer interactions with your brand, and increase business revenue. Deploying the right technology – touch screen kiosks and digital signage – that is intuitive, easy to operate, and looks good is one thing but if the content this technology displays isn’t compelling or engaging, it’s a wasted investment.

Here are some important questions and considerations to make when deploying interactive touch screen solutions to enhance the in-store digital experience customers expect.

1. What are your goals?

First and foremost, you need to decide on the goals of offering this kind of interactive content to your customers. Is it to advertise special offers and promotions? Is it to enhance your store’s offerings by displaying your brand’s website and online store? Is it to broadcast your brand messaging and identity? It could be one or all of the above and more. Set your goals so that you can be efficient and successful in pursuing them.

2. Who is your audience?

Understanding the audience your messaging/offers is intended to target is crucial in helping you create content that appeals to the people that make up this audience/s. A flashing, busy screen with plenty of animations might appeal to younger people or even children, but to older generations with limited computer experience, it will only intimidate. The same applies to your written messaging. Younger people and children will be put off by written text, while older generations may find it more accessible. Match your communication strategies and layout designs to meet the demands of your audience and you will find your content is far more effective.

3. Viewer attention span

In this fast-paced digital age, people have evolved extremely short attention spans. If they cannot figure out how to get the information, product, or service they’re after within a few short seconds, they’re going to abandon ship and go straight to your competition. As such, you content – whether it’s displayed by digital signage or interactive touch screen kiosks – needs to be highly attractive (so as to make that initial connection with your audience) and it needs to be highly accessible (so that it’s easy to navigate to the information they want). All of this happens within seconds, which emphasises the need for high impact content.

4. Is your text easily readable?

Perhaps the greatest rookie error of graphic design is putting bright text on a bright background, thereby requiring the audience to squint at the screen in order to read it. Your task here is to make your text easily readable and from as great a distance as possible. Contrast plays a big roll (white on black being the most stand-out option), as does font. Don’t go for anything too embellished and difficult to read and make sure font size is optimal, even for people with compromised eyesight. In fact, if you’re able to impart your messaging with an image or an icon instead, rather go for that.

5. Animation and imagery

People respond far better to animations, videos, and imagery than they do to plain text. While text is typically necessary for any marketing or advertising content, finding a way to capture your audience’s attention with really relevant and engaging media is a fantastic way to expose them to your messaging and to important information about your brand. This is especially true of digital signage, the goal of which is to be eye-catching.

6. Is your content organised intuitively?

Your content has absolutely got to be organised in an intuitive and logical manner. Think about the layout of a website, which is optimized so that web users can find the content they’re after in as few clicks as possible. It’s got to be easy to operate a touch screen kiosk and it’s got to be easy to get around the software otherwise customers will just get frustrated and walk away.

In Conclusion….

Consider the following: 29.5% of customers find digital communication influential in their purchases. So you see that, overall, digital communications provided by touch screen solutions can be powerful drivers of increased revenue and customer interaction, but only if the displayed (interactive) content is designed correctly. Messages that are dizzyingly complicated, unclear, or overwhelming can have a definite negative impact upon interest.

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