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7 Ways to Increase Business Revenue and Customer Loyalty with 2D Barcode Scanners

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2D Barcode Scanners

The linear (1D) barcode revolutionized industry but it was only in recent years that two-dimensional (2D) barcodes were introduced, which offer a fantastic suite of benefits and advantages over their traditional counterparts. Not only do 2D barcodes eliminate the challenge of having to painstakingly line up the laser just right in order for it to read, but they also prove far more efficient and can read badly printed or even damaged barcodes, increasing user speed and accuracy.

Here are 7 ways any business can increase their efficiency, revenue, and customer experiencing by switching their 1D for a 2D barcode system.

1. Create Customer Accounts

Using a 2D barcode scanner, business can create accounts or fill out credit applications for their customers without them having to spend time manually filling out multiple forms. This can be done very simply by scanning the customer’s driver’s license code, which will populate the business’ system with all the necessary details. These details can then also be used for marketing purposes.

2. Redeem Mobile Coupons

If your business sends coupons and special offers to customers via email or text, a 2D barcode scanner can quickly and accurately scan these coupons directly off their device, in-store. This makes it easy for customers to redeem special offers, which will improve their experience while also making your business more environmentally conscious, as it reduces paper waste.

3. Capture Images

Since many models of 2D area-imaging scanners contain megapixel cameras, they can effectively be used to take basic images. This can useful for capturing documents, photo IDs, and signatures, which greatly widens the 2D scanner’s field of applications.

4. Instantly Verify Ages

For businesses whose products or services have a age restriction in place – such as bars, liquor stores, and casinos – a quick scan of the driver’s license can instantly verify age, thereby protecting the establishment from any legal issues and fines (while also protecting the under-aged customer from any poor life choices). Using a handheld 2D barcode scanner also increases the efficiency with which customers are processed, making life easier for staff and more convenient for patrons.

5. Automatic Loyalty Program Enrolment

Instead of having to manually sign up for a loyalty program, a 2D scanner using in-store will pick up on repeat visits/purchases and automatically create a membership application for customers. This prevents them from missing out on any points, rewards, or special offers and saves them the hassle of managing memberships themselves = improved customer experience.

6. Processing Event, Festival, and Conference Tickets

Instead of printing on paper, issuing tickets with a 2D barcode makes for the quick, accurate, and environmentally friendly processing of event guests, whether it’s a concert, conference, or festival. These can be scanned electronically off of a person’s phone, which also reduces costs and eliminates the risk of forged tickets.

7. Faster Checkout Times

With today’s fast-paced and demanding lifestyle – and the availability of sophisticated technology like 2D barcode scanners – waiting in queues to make purchases should be a frustration of the past. There’s no excuse for making your customers wait in long queues when you can scan and process purchases far more quickly and efficiently using 2D barcode scanning technology.

2D imagers can read linear, stacked, and postal barcodes printed on any surface (paper, metal, plastic, etc.) from any angle, and can even resolve damaged or badly printed barcodes. This greatly reduces time, frustration, and business costs.

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