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5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage The Selling Power Of Touch Screen Kiosks

Posted by tactile-admin 08/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Tactile Technologies News,EMEA-News,


5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage The Selling Power Of Touch Screen

Point-Of-Sales and Point-Of-Information (POI) are two of the most prolific uses for interactive touch screen kiosks. However, with a world at your fingertips, businesses can provide customers with a much greater variety of services. Here are some out-the-box ways your business can leverage the selling power of touch screen kiosks and really put your customers in charge of their shopping experience.

Employment Applications

If your company has a large number of employees or is undergoing rapid expansion and growth, you can use a touch screen kiosk to process employment applications. This not only streamlines the process, relieving the time-consuming task of manually processing individual applications, it also eliminates the need to trawl through indecipherable handwriting. Interactive touch screen kiosks can, in fact, be used for a whole host of human resource task – such as nondisclosure and benefit forms – as well as other administrative work, saving time and money and promoting convenience and efficiency.

Drive-Thru Food Orders

If you run a take-away restaurant, you can streamline the food ordering process by installing a 32-inch touch screen kiosk in the drive-thru section of your enterprise. Using this technology, customers can quickly place their order, which instantly gets relayed to the kitchen. You might also think about installing a credit card facility at the kiosk, enabling customers to order and pay on the spot and then drive to the collection point. Without wasting time processing orders and payments, your restaurant employees can really focus on delivering delicious and perfect meal orders.


Membership and loyalty programs are a fantastic way to ensure repeat business. Pick n’ Pay has the Smart Shoppers program, Clicks has the Clicks Club Card, NuMetro cinemas have the Scene Club and Edgars has their Thank U Rewards program. No matter what industry you’re in, there is an opportunity to get customers really involved with your brand by establishing a rewards / loyalty program.

Installing interactive touch screen kiosks in your retail outlets allows your customers to swipe their cards or log in in their accounts, check out their points balance or even perform simple transactions using existing points. They can also use this technology to print out coupons, which have been matched according to their purchase history.

Getting Directions and Information

Wherever there’s a large, rambling mall or institution to navigate, there’s a great opportunity to engage with patrons using an interactive touch screen kiosk. Government facilities, municipality centers, shopping malls and university or college campuses are great examples of where information touch screen kiosks, which provide a detailed map and directions, can be exceptionally useful. Your visitors will be grateful for the assistance. These kiosks can also be used to broadcast marketing messages for the institution / shopping mall itself or for the retail stores willing to pay for it.

Car Configurations

If you run or own a car dealerships and/or are involved in automobile shows, an interactive touch screen kiosk can be used to helping customers assemble their “dream car”. By selecting options such as engine performance, color, interior and entertainment packages, a customer can tell you exactly what they want and they can get a price estimate within seconds. A touch screen kiosk can make a customer feel as though they’ve received unbiased advice about car cost, etc., which is invaluable in an industry in which the salespeople aren’t exactly trusted.

In Conclusion

Interactive touch screen kiosks can be deployed anywhere there’s a standard 120V circuit, which gives businesses of all industries and verticals a great degree of flexibility in their placement. It also makes touch screens available for a grand suite of applications, all of which are designed to improve revenue, customer satisfaction and brand messaging!