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Spar Supermarkets Touch Screens

One of the long-term relationships Tactile Technologies continues to nurture is with South Africa’s well-known grocery store chain, Spar. This began in 2009 with the deployment of around several hundred Elo 1515L ​touch screen monitors to various Spar stores around the country. Since then, with the proliferation of this chain in South Africa and with each store coming on board with this fantastic new technology, these numbers have increased to 3000 units and growing.

Tactile Technologies Provides Quicker Checkouts For Spar Customers

The new 15-inch Elo Desktop touch screen monitors we provided to Spar stores across the nation (via our reseller partner CEB Marketing) were set to revolutionize the shopping experience for tens of millions of South Africans. This state-of-the-art Point-of-Sale (POS) technology makes it possible for customers to checkout really quickly and efficiently.

Gone are the old manual cash registers and the delays they would cause Spar customers.

Looking To The Future of Touch Screen Technology In Spar Stores

The potential of touch screen technology in supermarkets such as Spar really only begins at checkout and the efficiency and convenience thereof. According to the Managing Director of Tactile Technologies’ key reseller, CEB Marketing – Len Venter –Spars’ rapid expansion across the country presents virtually unending opportunities for the penetration of the touch screen market.

Local Spar stores have taken notes from their foreign counterparts and are looking at how they are making use of touch screen technology to optimize their efficiency, drive further revenue and fine-tune customer experience. These include applications such as self-service kiosks, interactive retail catalogues, digital signage and gaming applications and Elo’s touch screen solutions offer all of these and more.

This was all referred to as “potential” in 2009. Today, many of these touch screen applications are employed by Spar’s 850+ stores across South Africa.

Why Elo 1515L Touch Screen Monitor?

“The Elo 1515L with IntelliTouch Surface Wave touch screen is recommended by Spar as the technology of choice for POS systems countrywide because of its durability, its stability, its ease-of-use and five-year warranty,” said Len Venter.

“Until a couple of years ago, the idea of touch-screen technology wasn’t on Spar’s radar because a normal monitor costs far less. However, a lot of retailers are realizing the benefits of touch and many have gone that route.”

This was a statement made in 2009 by CEB Marketing’s Managing Director. Today, touch screen technology has become without a doubt the modern approach to providing customers with a convenient, efficient and sophisticated shopping experience!