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Kiosks for DHL

Posted by tactile-admin 05/05/2018 0 Comment(s) References Tactile,References EMEA,


Tactile Technologies – directly and through our wide network of resellers – has served a vast number and variety of clients in just about every industry imaginable. Some of the big names we’ve served include Spar, Eskom, Foschini, McDonalds, Caltex, Steers, Airports Company South Africa, Kellogg’s, Nando’s, Nespresso, Netcare, Queenspark, Virgin Active and many, many more!

Recently, we’ve taken on a project we’re extremely proud of and it’s with DHL, the world’s largest and best-known courier company. This project involves the installation of a range of freestanding touch screen kiosks in DHL depots around South Africa, starting with Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

These touch screen kiosks are designed to enhance customer experience by enabling walk-in customers to “check-in” and weigh their own parcels (providing all the details necessary to print out a waybill). They then take the printout and parcel to the counter to pay and drop-off respectively.

What’s The Benefit Of The New DHL Kiosks?

One of the most time-consuming aspects involved in accepting new parcels and packages is the necessary logging of information that goes with it. With the new in-store DHL touch screen kiosks, customers can skip queues and do all the necessary “paperwork” through these easy-to-use systems. The kiosk comes complete with a built-in scale, which customers can use to weigh the package. This calculates the weight and gives a corresponding price.

Once the customer confirms the order, the kiosk prints out the label to stick onto the waybill/package. All they then need to do is hand over their parcel and pay the invoice printed out by the kiosk. This:

  • Saves customers a LOT of queuing time and frustration.
  • Enables the DHL store or outlet to be far more efficient and productive in processing customers.
  • Enhances customer experience!

The DHL touch screen kiosks also function as a Point of Information, providing customers with any and all information they need to know about pricing and products. If you’re already a DHL customer, you can simply scan your customer loyalty card to log in to your account to check the progress of current parcels in their journey to their destinations.

This will upload any and all details you should need to have access to (waybill number, parcel location, etc.) The touch screen kiosks also have a keyboard, which makes it easy for customers to type in information, since not everyone is entirely familiar and comfortable with touch screen technology.

Looking Ahead: The Future of DHL Kiosks

While the current DHL touch screen kiosks don’t have transactional software, this feature is certainly on the cards for the future! This project is really the first of its kind in the courier industry and so the preliminary touch screen kiosks have been distributed as a test to see how well the system works. Once we have feedback we shall be looking into installing a payment facility into future models.

The focus of this project is – for now – in South Africa, but DHL has its sights set on implementing these touch screen kiosks in branches worldwide and the team here at Tactile Technologies is very excited about being involved in such a ground-breaking initiative!