Newland EMEA Updates and Improves FM30 Grouper Stationary Barcode Scanners

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FM30 Grouper Stationary Barcode Scanners

Newland EMEA recently announced that they have made additional improvements to one of their best-selling stationary barcode scanners and the products are the new FM3051 (standard) and the FM3056 (flush-mount) Grouper II. These particular models are used most popularly for online to offline (O2O) scanning applications, such as customer loyalty programs and mobile payments.

Since the launch of the FM30 Grouper II stationary scanners only last year, in 2016, they have developed a well-deserved reputation and have garnered the respect and support of several industries. Now, with the addition of the new FM3051 and FM3056 Grouper II, Newland EMEA aims to further that reputation with several enhancements, upgrades, and additional functionality.

The new models feature Newland EMEA’s next generation chip technology and boast new data formatting capabilities, making these devices more versatile than ever before and able to handle a wider range of applications. The decoder chip upgrade enables the new Grouper II stationary scanners to more efficiently scan barcodes displayed on cell phone screens and on paper surfaces. They can also be programmed to customize the data input depending on the user’s precise needs.

From the mechanical perspective, the FM3051 and FM3056 Grouper II scanners mimic the older design’s dimensions and the mounting holes remain the same – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! – What this means is that the businesses that are already making use of the older versions of these stationary scanners can easily swap them out or exchange them without having to install new mounts or make additional space. Together with its easily mountable design, these features offer users plug-and-play simplicity.

About the FM30 Grouper Stationary Barcode Scanners

The new instalments of the Grouper stationary barcode scanners – the FM3051 and FM3056 Grouper II – truly excel at customer-facing mobile applications. With Newland EMEA’s brand new chip technology, these devices offer unrivalled scanning performance that works from greater distances and can even read damaged barcodes. These products were designed with ease-of-use in mind so that even inexperienced customers are able to pick them up and intuitively use them to scan products they, for example, want more information on, or to scan barcodes off of their cell phones to redeem a coupon or pay via a mobile app.

So advanced is the Grouper II technology that it can read cell phones that have been set to the lowest brightness level, have small screens, and/or are cracked or damaged so that nothing can impede a customer’s ability to use their phones to make that purchase or redeem those loyalty programme coupons. These stationary scanners operate quickly, efficiently, and easily – more so than their predecessors – and yet, they offer the same look and feel… because it works.

The result of all the modifications and upgrades that Newland EMEA has made to its Grouper II stationary scanners is a new solution that’s versatile and easy-to-use and integrate as a kiosk or POS offering for customers, employers, engineers, and programmers.

About Newland ID
Newland ID is a fast-growing manufacturer of high performance, image-based data collection hardware, such as handheld and stationary barcode scanners (1D and 2D), OEM scanning engines, and customer information terminals, as well as PDA’s and tablets.

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