Newland EMEA Introduces Their Most Sophisticated Handheld Scanner to Date: The HR42 Halibut

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Just last month, Newland EMEA – a global manufacturer of high performance, image-based data collection hardware – introduced their most sophisticated, reliable, and powerful handheld scanner yet: the HR42 Halibut. No ordinary scanner, this product features a megapixel camera and is able to quickly and efficiently scan just about every 1D and 2D barcode, as well as direct part marks (DPMs), whether they’re printed on paper, cardboard, metal, or plastic.

The HR42 Halibut handheld scanner is also able to quickly and accurately process damaged and small, dense barcodes: something that used to frustrate and hamper scanning processes. This is an entirely unprecedented standard of performance, putting the HR42 Halibut firmly at the industry’s leading edge.

The HR42 Halibut: Raising the Bar

Newland EMEA’s brand new handheld scanner has been specifically designed from the ground up to be the most efficient, accurate, and high performance scanner on the market, offering users a suite of unparalleled capabilities. This product enables accurate and snappy scanning, making the reading of complex and even damaged barcodes quick and easy. Furthermore, the point-and-shoot mode of barcode scanning and the provision of clear feedback reduce inaccuracies and delays.

The HR42 Halibut has been designed to be user-friendly and, with its rugged, durable exterior, can withstand consistent punishing use. It comes equipped with an infrared sensor that effectively controls illumination, making barcodes easier for the scanning engine to read, even in dark, poorly lit environments. It’s through this and a combination of features that this brand new product empowers individuals and, therefore, businesses to operate more productively without frustrating delays.

The HR42 Halibut: Solid Architecture

In addition to its power, accuracy, and ability to process a range of barcodes, the HR42 Halibut’s rugged exterior has been designed to withstand punishing use day in and day out. This product can safely endure drops onto concrete of up to 1.8 meters and absorbs the inevitable abuse handheld scanners take on factory floors and in warehouse, retail, and light industrial spaces.

Quite essentially, the HR42 Halibut is a reliable and powerful handheld scanner that just works, regardless of abuse. It also packs a megapixel camera, which enables it to operate at maximum efficiency for applications that range from production lines and electronic assembly to healthcare product tracking and post offices facing complex postal barcodes.

Current Models Available

The HR42 Halibut handheld scanner is available as a short range (HR) and a standard scanning range (SR) product.

About Newland ID

Newland ID is a fast-growing manufacturer of high performance, image-based data collection hardware, such as handheld and stationary barcode scanners (1D and 2D), OEM scanning engines, and customer information terminals, as well as PDA’s and tablets.

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