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Burger King

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Burger King Touch Screens - Tactile Technologies

Burger King is one of the world’s best-known fast-food restaurants and is adored internationally by tens of millions for their smorgasbord of delicious burgers. Every time you place an order at the till for one of these burgers, you make use of the technology supplied to Burger King by Tactile Technologies through our key partner, Micros SA!

Burger King, just like many of the other fast food outlets Micros SA distributes to (KFC, Nandos, Wimpy and Steers), makes use of Elo 22″ touch screen monitors, which are used in the kitchen to displaying the meal orders that patrons place at the front counter. The kitchen staff can then interact with these monitors by “ticking off” completed orders, shuffling orders around to give certain one's priority (for whatever reason) or cancelling incorrect orders.

A Little Bit About The Elo 22″ Touch Screen Monitors

The Elo 2201L is a wide-aspect, energy-efficient LCD touch screen monitor with a slim, aesthetic design that’s conservative on space and has multiple mounting options to support several applications. This particular touch screen monitor is so popular with Burger King and the other fast food outlets mentioned, not only because of their renowned quality and large viewable image but also because of their durability in the kitchen environment.

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