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Tactile Shop History

In 2001, Tactile Technologies made it's intentions clear when it opened its doors on proudly South African soil: we would be the touch screen technology provider of choice to local businesses needing professional touch screen hardware for whichever application. In recent years we successfully diversified into Auto ID, and payment technology. In 2018 we opened our European office in Belgium and in 2019 we established representation in Taiwan.
Touch screen solutions People

We believe wholly that it is our people who represent, protect and grow our brand and business. This ethos has served us well over the past 18 years. Our people-centric approach is evident not only in our relationships with valued customers but also with our employees and partners.
Tactile office Culture

To succeed as part of the Tactile Technologies network, you have to bring first and foremost the right attitude. We expect a strong desire to keep learning and an innate drive to go above and beyond for our customers.
Worldwide service Foundation

The foundation of our business is cemented in a company-wide understanding that we are not just here to drop boxes but rather to guide and educate our customers in how our technologies can reap huge business benefits when used the correct way. We're partners in everything and we're partners for the long haul.
payment methods Our product portfolio

Representing a number of manufacturers, we have a 95% success rate of matching suitable products to client needs. We offer handheld devices, touch screen monitors, tablets, barcode scanning engines and devices as well as payment terminals. Our products are used in a variety of markets such as retail, gaming, ;hospitality, logistics, medical, government, industrial and others.

We are not a box mover, we are here to share our knowledge and ideas and enable you to deploy your solutions efficiently.
 Our people

We are an international team of around 45 touch technology specialists who share a resolute drive to supersede your expectations. We're highly experienced, fully trained and will go the extra mile for our customers.
 Our brands

We continue to add new brands to our portfolio; brands that empower us in offering choice, performance, reliability and continuity to our customers. Our guarantee is that we only work with well-established manufacturers who are at the top of their respective industries. We don't like surprises and neither do you we understand that.
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Address: Trichterheideweg 11,
3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Telephone: +32 470 874 649


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Touch screens are the state-of-the-art technologies used by just about every electronic device nowadays. Touch screens are elegantly simple to use, convenient, easy to maintain and very conservative on space, which makes them the ideal choice for the full spectrum of business and professional industries.


Restaurants, doctor’s offices, hospitals, supermarkets, client services, gaming, banks, and infinitely more… wherever there’s a need to communicate or log/access information, there is the opportunity for touch screen technology to Revolutionise your productivity, streamline your business, optimise customer experience and supercharge revenue

Latest Tactile Technologies Products


RestaurantsFrom taking orders to making payments, touch screen monitors and hand-held devices are at the core of the modern restaurant's operations, promoting speed and efficiency, and minimizing errors. Able to withstand the rigors of the restaurant environment, our touch screen products facilitate communication between all areas of any restaurant.


MedicalWhen it comes to medical healthcare, quick and accurate access to data is essential. Our medical grade monitors and tablets enable doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to access and log data (notes, medical history, photos, lab results, etc.) on any patient. The meticulous construction of these devices prevents the harboring of bacteria and the risk of spreading infection.



SupermarketsWith our touch screen monitors and barcode scanners, supermarket staff can quickly and efficiently process customers. Tactile Technologies also custom creates self-service kiosks that deliver an "endless aisle experience", seamlessly blending online and in-store offerings, while also allowing customers to interact with your brand and/or benefit from loyalty programmes.


GamingAvid gamers and casino-goers have high expectations when it comes to display quality and touch response, which is why Tactile Technologies stocks the most reputable brands in interactive touch screen technology. These touch monitors and digital signage displays are perfect for the gaming and casino industries, offering exceptional image clarity and colour, and displaying tantalising content.


BanksTactile Technologies range of large format digital signage displays can be used as brand ambassadors, to entertain customers with engaging content while they wait to speak with a teller, and to display queuing information. We also custom-craft self-service touch screen kiosks, which enable customers to perform certain tasks on their own, thereby streamlining service and relieving pressure on staff.

Client Service

Client ServiceWhether you’re looking for an eye-catching way to communicate your marketing messaging and special offers with your customers, or a sophisticated, self-service system that allows them to interact with your brand, look up information, and make orders and purchases, Tactile Technologies has the touch screen monitors and associated hardware to meet your client service needs, irrespective of industry.

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