SEUIC Cruise 1 Tactile EMEA’s Most Graceful and Powerful Industrial Smartphone to Date

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SEUIC Cruise 1

The Cruise 1 from SEUIC is an intelligent, industrial grade mobile phone and Tactile EMEA’s most graceful and powerful model to date. With its Android 5.1 operating system, the Cruise 1 works very much like your own smartphone, but with a performance that far outstrips any current model on the market. Its more robust build and IP67 grade sealing also ensures its longevity and optimal function, even in tough, punishing environments.

Robustly built, yet with a slim profile of 12.6 mm thickness and a weight of only 200 grams, the graceful Cruise 1 industrial smartphone is a living paradox that caters to any and all users’ needs. It’s for this reason that this particular product fast became, and remains to this day, one of Tactile EMEA’s most popular and in-demand models.

Cruise 1 Industrial Smartphone Features

The Cruise 1 has a 5.2-inch capacitive touch screen display (waterproof) that can be operated by both a gloved and ungloved hand, and by wet or dry fingers. Its powerful performance is facilitated by a Cortex-A53 eight core CPU (1.5 GHz four core + 1.0 GHz four core), 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of ROM.

This intelligent, industrial grade mobile phone packs a 4300MaH battery, ensuring the accurate and long-lasting functioning of the dual 4G-SIM cards and 2D Imager, as well as all wireless data communication modules (GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G, and Wi-Fi 2.4 + 5Ghz), front and back cameras, and sensors (G-sensor, gyroscope, compass, barometer, light, and distance sensor).

Built to Endure Punishing Environments

The Cruise 1 industrial smartphone’s IP67 rated sealing, waterproof TYPE C interface, ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 55℃, and drop resistance to up to 1.5 meters (concrete at room temperature), render this product incredibly durable and perfect for seriously punishing environments, such as those found in warehouses, factories, mines, and construction sites.

For more information on Tactile EMEA’s Cruise 1 industrial grade smartphone, click on the link to view its data sheet and specifications.

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